Welcome to jonotter.net

Welcome. I was having trouble keeping a CV up to date working on multiple devices, so thought I’d put it up on line. I’ve been meaning to have a repository for the various talks I do for a while – and this site will work for that too. The general rule is that anything you find on this site you can use (for academic purposes). No need to ask permission, but please do acknowledge me!

I was a panelist on this Healthcare Infection Society webinar reflecting on our learning related to ventilation and the environment from the first 12 months of COVID-19 (March 2021):

I was a panelist on this Healthcare Infection Society webinar about the role of contaminated surfaces in the transmission of COVID-19 (June 2020):

Here’s a talk on navigating guidelines for MDR-GNR at a BSAC meeting in London (November 2019):

Here’s a talk on drivers of C. difficile infection at the Healthcare Infection Society conference (Autumn 2018) in Liverpool:

Here’s a talk on social media use for healthcare professionals (Autumn 2016) at the Infection Prevention 2016 conference in Harroage:

Check out this Summer 2015 talk on CRE at a conference in London (Thanks to Dreamscope TV for the recording.):

And here’s a recent interview (well, monologue really) at ECCMID 2016 in Amsterdam:

And another, this time with Professor Heather Loveday, also at ECCMID 2016 (and the interviewer is none other than Michael Jackson!):