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Welcome to

Welcome. I was having trouble keeping a CV up to date working on multiple devices, so thought I’d put it up on line. I’ve been meaning to have a repository for the various talks I do for a while – and this site will work for that too.¬†The general rule is that anything you find on this site you can use (for academic purposes). No need to ask permission, but please do acknowledge me!

I was a panelist on this Healthcare Infection Society webinar reflecting on our learning related to ventilation and the environment from the first 12 months of COVID-19 (March 2021):

I was a panelist on this Healthcare Infection Society webinar about the role of contaminated surfaces in the transmission of COVID-19 (June 2020):

Here’s a talk on navigating guidelines for MDR-GNR at a BSAC meeting in London (November 2019):

Here’s a talk on drivers of C. difficile infection at the Healthcare Infection Society conference (Autumn 2018) in Liverpool:

Here’s a talk on social media use for healthcare professionals (Autumn 2016) at the Infection Prevention 2016 conference in Harroage:

Check out this Summer 2015 talk on CRE at a conference in London (Thanks to Dreamscope TV for the recording.):

And here’s a recent interview (well, monologue really) at ECCMID 2016 in Amsterdam:

And another, this time with Professor Heather Loveday, also at ECCMID 2016 (and the interviewer is none other than Michael Jackson!):