Other talks

Creative IPC issues‘. King’s College London Medical Students, March 2023.

IPS Care Home Special Interest Group. ‘Water-free care‘. February 2023.

World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2022: Prevention (IPC & vaccination)‘. GSTT, November 2022.

HIS audience-led webinar series (panelist). Surgical site infections – how can we do better? January 2022.

Environment, Cleaning, Decontamination (ECD) Infection Prevention Society (IPS) Conference. ‘The thorny 5th Moment for Hand Hygiene: hands and surfaces collide‘. Northampton, UK, November 2021.

GSTT Annual IPC Conference. ‘The future of healthcare and infection prevention & control.’ October 2021.

ASP Webinar Series. ‘HCAI associated with medical device decontamination.’ September 2021.

ESCMID Postgraduate Education Course: Antimicrobial stewardship beyond the COVID-19 pandemic (a case based approach). ‘The use of social media in antimicrobial stewardship.’ May 2021.

Sussex Infection Prevention Development Week. ‘Ventilation across health and social care settings’. May 2021.

Webber Teleclass Debate: ‘Can we halve Gram-negative BSI?’ (I was arguing that we can). October 2020.

HIS audience-led webinar series (panelist). ‘The role of the environment in COVID-19 transmission.’ June 2020.

“Smart surfaces” to address infection and AMR by Imperial IMSE. ‘How smart surfaces can be applied in clinical settings to improve patient outcomes‘. Imperial College London, March 2020.

Imperial IMSE Lunchtime Seminar. ‘HCAI & AMR – an overview‘. Imperial College London, February 2020.

The Annual Infection Prevention and Control Conference: Antimicrobial Resistance And My Role Is? ‘The hand hygiene journey (improving the accuracy of audit & QI)‘. Birmingham, February 2020.

Clean Hospitals Webinar. ‘Literature reviewing: a crash course‘. December 2019.

Imperial Global Health Forum: Combating AMR. ‘The environment as a driver of AMR‘. London, November 2019.

BSAC study day – Into Clinical Practice: Meeting the challenges of Gram-negative infection management ‘Controversies in guidelines for the control of multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria in EU‘. London, November 2019.

Dutch Hygiene Forum: ‘Cost and value of environmental hygiene in hospitals‘ (interactive workshop). Ede, The Netherlands, October 2019.

IPS North London Branch Study Day: ‘AMR – Where we stand, how we implement the national plan, and how this translates to the healthcare setting‘. London, September 2019.

Webber Teleclass: ‘Getting to grips with healthcare-associated Gram-negative BSIs?‘. July 2019.

Imperial College London School Outbreak Programme. ‘Introduction to infectious diseases epidemiology‘. London, June 2019.

IPS London Regional Conference. ‘The environmental surface decontamination dilemma: HPV, UV, both, or neither?‘. London, May 2018.

PHE CPE Workshop. ‘Main modes of transmission of CPE‘. London, March 2018.

MHRA webinar. ‘Decontamination of medical devices‘. March 2018.

Maltese IPC Conference. ‘Tackling CRE: the London experience.‘ Malta, February 2018.

IPS Networking Event. ‘Implementing innovation when financial times are hard.‘ London, January 2018.

IPS Trend Branch Meeting. ‘CPE: coming to a hospital near you!‘. Nottingham, October 2017.

PHE London conference. ‘CPE: seek and ye shall find!‘. London, June 2017.

Imperial College London “Smart Surfaces” event. ‘Hospital cleaning and disinfection: we can do better!‘ London, April 2017.

IPS Wessex Branch Meeting. ‘Can we really halve GNBSIs?‘ Southampton, March 2017.

IPS Network Day. ‘What’s new, novel, and exciting in IPC?‘ London, March 2017.

‘Bugs and Infections’. ‘Update on hospital cleaning and disinfection (aka what’s lurking in your hospital room?)‘. London, March 2017.

Webber Teleclass.’The role of dry surface contamination in healthcare-associated infection transmission.’ February 2017 (recording below, courtesy of Webber Training).

Pall Seminar. ‘The emerging challenge of contaminated water heater-coolers used for cardiothoracic surgery and the risk of Mycobacterium chimaera infections‘. Newcastle, February 2017.

Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) AMR event. ‘AMR: a clinical perspective‘. London, December 2016.

Wolverhampton IPC Study Day. ‘Technology in Environmental Infection Prevention and Control – the Enthusiast‘. Wolverhampton, October 2016.

GSTT IPC Annual Conference. ‘CPE: coming to a hospital hear you!‘ London, June 2016.

3M Webinar. ‘Your hospital room can make you sick! And how improved cleaning and disinfection can help‘. March 2016.

Training course, Imperial. ‘Introduction to epidemiology (and infection).‘ London, Feb 2016.

Healthcare Infection Society Infection Prevention and Control Course. ‘An introduction to carbapenem-resistant organisms.‘ PHE Colindale, London, January 2016.

Webber Teleclass. ‘Rising to the challenge of multidrug-resistant Gram-negative rods‘. December 2015 (recording below, courtesy of Webber Training) .

Society for Applied Microbiology Antimicrobial Resistance Meeting. ‘CPE, CRE, CPO and CRABs‘. London, December 2015.

Serosep Microbiology Seminar Day. ‘Detecting CPE: Time to throw away those agar plates?‘. Dublin, Ireland, November 2015.

Gov Today: Reducing HCAIs: Combating pervasive threats. ‘Pervasive infection threats in acute healthcare, including Gram-negative bacteria’. London, June 2015

Southampton IPC link nurse study day. ‘What’s lurking in the hospital environment? The importance of cleaning and disinfection in infection prevention and control‘. Southampton, June 2015.

Pint of Science. ‘Crapsules: the cure for Cdiff and more!’.  London, May 2015.

IPS Trent Branch Conference (Darling Bugs of May). ‘CRE: Coming to a hospital near you‘. Nottingham, May 2015.

Society for General Microbiology (SGM) study day. ‘Do you know your CRE from your CRAB?‘ London, April 2015.

Webinar. ‘CRE: an overview of this emerging threat’. March 2015.

BD Seminar. ‘Diagnosis of CPE: Time to throw away those agar plates?‘. Oxford, March 2015.

Health Protection Society (Scotland). ‘Ebola decontamination: managing risk and paranoia‘. Edinburgh, Scotland, February 2015.

3M Webinar Series (2014). ‘CRE and friends: what’s the problem and how to detect them?’ (August 2014), ‘Not all resistant Gram-negative bacteria are created equal: Enterobacteriaceae vs. non-fermenters’ (September 2014), and ‘Filling the gaps in the guidelines to control resistant Gram-negative bacteria’ (October 2014).

Webinar. ‘CPE: How do we prevent a disaster‘? August 2014.

Webinar. ‘Ebola: coming to a hospital near you? Infection prevention and control challenges‘. October 2014.

Australian College for Infection Prevention and Control (ACIPC) Webinar. ‘How to write an abstract…and beyond’. July 2014.

Webinar. ‘MERS: A survival guide for you and your patients‘. May 2014.

Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) New England Annual Conference. ‘No-touch room disinfection systems: when to use them and how to choose between them’. Springfield, MA, USA, April 2014.

International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Society (IBBS) Decontamination in Hospitals and Healthcare Conference. ‘No-touch decontamination technologies for decontamination of hospital wards.’ Manchester, UK, September 2013.

3M Webinars (2013). ‘Is it time to turn to “no touch” automated room disinfection?’ (August 2013), and ‘How to tackle the contaminated healthcare environment.’ (April 2013).

Infection Prevention Society (IPS) Webinar. ‘Writing for Conference…and beyond’. June 2012.

Infection Prevention Society (IPS) London Branch Conference. ‘CA-MRSA: Current perspectives and control challenges’. London, UK, March 2012.

Infection Prevention Society (IPS) Wessex Branch Annual Conference. ‘The role of contaminated surfaces in the transmission of hospital pathogens and an introduction to hydrogen peroxide vapour decontamination’. Southampton, UK, November 2011.

Microbiology Network Webinar. ‘Survival of bacteria and spores on surfaces and an introduction to hydrogen peroxide vapor.’ November 2010.

International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Society (IBBS) Disinfection and Decontamination Conference. ‘An introduction to decontamination using hydrogen peroxide vapour.’ Preston, UK, September 2010.

Bella Moss Foundation Conference. ‘MRSA: an evolving threat in human medicine.’ Leamington Spa, UK, May 2008.